Tuesday, 28 May 2013

London calls in May.

This is my Second time in London. Today the weather was very very nice, it's such a good day for spending a bank holiday on. The core program was eating Chinese food, it's actually Hong Kong food. LOL
Then, another activities were walking around Pottabello Market and Covent Garden!!    
Anyway, it was a bank holiday, so there were many shops were closed. However, It was quite good 'cuz not too many people there. kekeke

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Last weekend I went to London which is my very first time there. I was super excited!!  First place that I visited is "Buckingham Palace"-it's great and splendid palace. I do like how architects created here! that's so gorgeous!!
After that I walked along the path lead to "Big Ben", by both sideways, all of buildings are so magnificent and I just noticed that there are statues for everywhere - they are about gods and famous persons, that's so attractive to me!!!    
Plus, this is the first post in UK, I've been here for a month - I'm living in Brighton which the south of UK :) See u guys!!