Tuesday, 19 June 2012


These all are my everyday dishes lately : ) 
I have been having a dish of salad since I have found a very delicious salad dressing that my mom's friend suggested to, really yummmm!! ; ) Plus, salad dressing goes together very well with an organic vegetable. As you can tell that this dish is so healthy!! 

Another spaghetti dish from my mom : ) ymmm... 
 The most favourite milk chocolate bar of mine. 
 It's a new flavour from Dutchy Yogurt >> Yogurt with Prune!! it's also my favourite : ) 
 We meet up and cheer our fav football teams up together every night in Euro 2012.
I'm sorry, I'm eating you, you're so delicious tho. LOL

Monday, 11 June 2012

The 1st of June.

It's so so long that I haven't be here. 
So yeah!! today I'm finally here to post my photographs. 
As you guys know, I've been loving black and white photo for lately. 
So this post is gonna be it. LOL 
By the way, I'm currently at my home. Yesterday, 
I firstly plant some of vegetable seeds. 
I was so excited 'cuz I don't know if they will grow!? 
But I just hope that it will. 
If I have a time ( and they can grow), I think I will post about the growth of them. 
I just think that if my hobby works, I'll do my own vegetable garden and do a business. ;))

PS. I do apologize that my pictures ain't related to the story above.