Monday, 19 August 2013

A day in London.

A day in London. 
That was an awesome weather which so suit to get into the London Eye.
Although, in the morning the weather in Brighton wasn't good- a bit cloudy- but it became very nice in the afternoon. Anyway, this time in London was such different. I tried to find out places that I had never been to. Neal street, a place that I was really like because of colourful buildings though it was a tiny place but so impressed and attractive.
The British Library generally had various exhibitions which was so interesting.
Heyyey, and eventually I took the London Eye!! That was so so so AWESOME!!
I felt really excited before getting inside and yeah when I was inside it's brilliant!! I'd planned to take it in the sunset time, I thought that was such a great time for taking a nice picture and it was!! I really had a fantastic time in London Eye, I would like to take it again in the night time in winter.