Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Lifetime isn't Enough.

Since I came back home, I'm still dreaming about life in Britain which was just like a dream for me. And now I'm gonna review and remind me of London ( I think it's gonna be the best place ever for me haha) During the time I was living there, I'd never felt like London is a FANTASTIC place. But lately I just realized that it was such an AMAZING place in UK. You can see modern constructions push though historical buildings harmoniously, and everything and every places that you're passing by is just incredibly gorgeous! If you're lucky for the weather that kind of feeling will be doubled or tripled definitely. ^^ Ahhhh....I just feel like really missing London!! hahaha. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

You flow through my vein.

I'm afraid that my blog has been dying for awhile, so today is a good opportunity to clean up my blog. Recently, I've been back from UK to my country which before taking off time I'd never thought to come back here (I mean I just want to put on my coming back schedule). hahaha I proudly say that my 10 months in UK was such a memorable and incredible memory for me. Everything which had happened there was beyond my expectation indeed. I've expected that I would meet lots of adorable and super kind friends like my friends there. Especially, they all are not the same nationality as me, so I just thought that this kind of thing was really amazing. We've never ever met each other before and I've never had any of foreign friends in the past. We use totally different languages but surprisingly we can connect by person via English and heart. <3 Anyway, I might describe it too sweet, but it's actually the truest. 

Since my first day at school in Brighton, I had met my super duper best friend ever!! We've been getting together until the last day in UK. I'd say she is both my friend and my sister. I honestly wanna say that "thanks god to give her to be my friend and family." I would like to say THANK YOU a hundred time to you!! Always helping me when I got in trouble and anytime I need someone beside me, It's that you!! (If you are reading my blog now, you will know who I describe to.) 

Another one, she's my little sister who I love to talk to. kekeke When I'm talking with her, I can speak out everything that I thought and she's never resisted me. To be honest, I feel like you're born to be my friend!! hahaha Because for the third time that we'd met, it's like we're friends before. ( I don't mention about the first and second time we'd met 'cus for the first time, we didn't talk to each other and I thought you could not remember me - Can you remember in the dinning room? and for the second time, it's in the first day in Helen's class, and you just looked arrogant!! hahaha) Anyway, I would like to thank all of time that we'd spent together, it's such a speechless happening!! 

This one I'm gonna say that she's the most clumsiest girl in the world!! hahaha and she's the only one that I fell like I'm her older sister even though she's older than me. ;)) However, she's a pretty, innocent ,and determined girl really. You always make me feel good when I'm talking with you even if sometimes or it'd be better to say "all the time" after I finished talking with you I feel like getting drunk!! hahaha that kind of your symptom a'ways infect me!!

P.s. Today is my 20th at home and I do miss you guys so much!! *huge hugs*