Monday, 21 May 2012

Simply dinner

My favourite Noodle dish ever!!

My Bro! (no comment -*-)

Sa-Lim (ice-dessert)

Tao-Teung (ice-dessert)

Family time

Lunch at ZEN (Japanese restaurant). 

I just went to Jatujak Market, there's just a few pics!

Mom with her fav activity. LOL (just leave me alone!)

And also my dad with his fav!! 
(why does he look older than real in this pic?? lol)

Sunday, 13 May 2012


These all are my photos that I've been taking for a week. I've been trying and trying to find any inspired things for my photo collection. I rarely go out, so I shoot everything at home instead. ^^ So yeah!! you can be inspired by everything around you.

The sunlight of the beautiful morning which is going through the curtain.

When I woke up and looked back to my comfy bed, such messy uh? LOL

My favourite song at this time >> "I'll be by your side" - WISE (Japanese singer)

A dragonfly which cannot fly anymore.

The sky when the sun was setting, how nice?!

An old palette of mine.

Just a book that I'm reading!!!
"See you soon"

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The thing I love when I was young, and 'till now.

Hehe ~~ It's been a while that I haven't update my blog and finally today I'm gonna do it. ^^
 I spend my everyday life with my hobbies and this is my fav hobby!! It's painting!! LOL
It's so long long time that I had never drawing and painting, and I think that it was a good chance to do it.
And I couldn't figure out what I was gonna draw. I just glanced at the room door and I found my little cross body  bag that hanging on the doorknob.  So it's gonna be my figure today. LOL
By the way, I just didn't get used to it 'cuz such a long time no draw&paint, so the result was like awkward for me -*- I think the colour are not natural and my work is like kids do. LOL
I hope the next is gonna be better!!!