Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 100th in Brighton.

Tomorrow (21st July, 1013) is going to be a day 100th that I've been in Brighton.
 I feel like I'm being here for a short time. :) 
All the time in here is like a big present from my parents, it's so precious thing to me. 
Yeah!! I surely am a LUCKY person.
 I'm quite happy living here, even sometimes there're nothing much to do.
 I didn't even know that why I am here, Brighton.
 I always think that it could be a destiny. hahaha
I remembered the first day that I'd arrived here, I was so nervous!!
 It was my very first time alone in abroad, so it was so so excited. >///<
 Eventually, I've been here for 100 days, I could say that without homesick (even actually I got it just the first week.) lol 
I don't know weather tomorrow (day 100th) there are something special or not, but I feel very special. ^^
Anyway, I 'm very thankful to my father and mother who got me all special things in my life.  


Sunday, 14 July 2013

The passion of Edinburgh.

It was a GREAT GREAT time in Edinburgh last week. It was my very first solo trip myself, which was excited, nervous, and amazed!! Edinburgh was such a superb historic city, there were a lot of interesting places to go!! I stayed at the hotel that was settled in the heart of the city. I could go any places like easy by feet. Anyway, I was really impressed the National museum of Scotland. I'd spent such 6 hours here, there were various exhibitions that so interesting about Scottish history, animals, world, arts, musics, inventors, so on. Especially, I've been here for 2 days!! LOL

Whatever, all around Edinburgh (old town part) you would see many events by the street. I thought that was very nice weather in Edinburgh when I've visited, about 20 up degrees (that sound's so good.) I just enjoyed chilling out on the street around the town, taking photos, and the shows!!! these were enough for my holiday, I really appreciated all of these!! that's SUPERB!!!