Friday, 25 October 2013

Dreamed trip 2013; Czech Republic and Austria

   A couple weeks ago I had a chance to go to Czech Republic and Austria which took such a long time planning and finally I've done it. I've spent 2 days in Czech (prague and krumlov) these two places, which my parents just visited and did recommend them, are my dreamed attraction since I was in high school. After I arrived in Prague, it absolutely stunned me!! Every place that I paced along is such an amazing and stunning, especially at Charles Bridge in the early morning which I had decided to go there instead of in the evening. I consider myself very lucky to be in such a beautiful bridge that I've ever seen. ;)
Day 2, I moved to Cesky Krumlov which is a UNESCO heritage city. I can say that it's a tiny lovely village cuz' all the town has details, it's like villages in cartoons. ^^ 

Monday, 19 August 2013

A day in London.

A day in London. 
That was an awesome weather which so suit to get into the London Eye.
Although, in the morning the weather in Brighton wasn't good- a bit cloudy- but it became very nice in the afternoon. Anyway, this time in London was such different. I tried to find out places that I had never been to. Neal street, a place that I was really like because of colourful buildings though it was a tiny place but so impressed and attractive.
The British Library generally had various exhibitions which was so interesting.
Heyyey, and eventually I took the London Eye!! That was so so so AWESOME!!
I felt really excited before getting inside and yeah when I was inside it's brilliant!! I'd planned to take it in the sunset time, I thought that was such a great time for taking a nice picture and it was!! I really had a fantastic time in London Eye, I would like to take it again in the night time in winter. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 100th in Brighton.

Tomorrow (21st July, 1013) is going to be a day 100th that I've been in Brighton.
 I feel like I'm being here for a short time. :) 
All the time in here is like a big present from my parents, it's so precious thing to me. 
Yeah!! I surely am a LUCKY person.
 I'm quite happy living here, even sometimes there're nothing much to do.
 I didn't even know that why I am here, Brighton.
 I always think that it could be a destiny. hahaha
I remembered the first day that I'd arrived here, I was so nervous!!
 It was my very first time alone in abroad, so it was so so excited. >///<
 Eventually, I've been here for 100 days, I could say that without homesick (even actually I got it just the first week.) lol 
I don't know weather tomorrow (day 100th) there are something special or not, but I feel very special. ^^
Anyway, I 'm very thankful to my father and mother who got me all special things in my life.  


Sunday, 14 July 2013

The passion of Edinburgh.

It was a GREAT GREAT time in Edinburgh last week. It was my very first solo trip myself, which was excited, nervous, and amazed!! Edinburgh was such a superb historic city, there were a lot of interesting places to go!! I stayed at the hotel that was settled in the heart of the city. I could go any places like easy by feet. Anyway, I was really impressed the National museum of Scotland. I'd spent such 6 hours here, there were various exhibitions that so interesting about Scottish history, animals, world, arts, musics, inventors, so on. Especially, I've been here for 2 days!! LOL

Whatever, all around Edinburgh (old town part) you would see many events by the street. I thought that was very nice weather in Edinburgh when I've visited, about 20 up degrees (that sound's so good.) I just enjoyed chilling out on the street around the town, taking photos, and the shows!!! these were enough for my holiday, I really appreciated all of these!! that's SUPERB!!! 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Historical City 'Rye'.

Rye is located in Sussex, UK. It is a  magnificent place to go if you are a person who loves taking photos cus everywhere you go it could be an amazing photo, literally. I do fall in love with Rye at a very first time. There are a lot of antique shops and candy shops that I really like. Besides, there are a bunch of galleries which exhibit art works from local artists of Rye. I particularly impress pictures of any door houses which were put in order as a table, that's so cool!! In town, most of buildings are very old, they might be older than 200-300 years, approximately. In addition, I could feel a scent of old town that has a long story from any place I went by. Rye makes me feel like I am home, and it is cuddling me. I can feel a warmth and friendship from people in there. I hopefully wish I could go there again for retaking photos of Rye in winter.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

London calls in May.

This is my Second time in London. Today the weather was very very nice, it's such a good day for spending a bank holiday on. The core program was eating Chinese food, it's actually Hong Kong food. LOL
Then, another activities were walking around Pottabello Market and Covent Garden!!    
Anyway, it was a bank holiday, so there were many shops were closed. However, It was quite good 'cuz not too many people there. kekeke