Friday, 25 October 2013

Dreamed trip 2013; Czech Republic and Austria

   A couple weeks ago I had a chance to go to Czech Republic and Austria which took such a long time planning and finally I've done it. I've spent 2 days in Czech (prague and krumlov) these two places, which my parents just visited and did recommend them, are my dreamed attraction since I was in high school. After I arrived in Prague, it absolutely stunned me!! Every place that I paced along is such an amazing and stunning, especially at Charles Bridge in the early morning which I had decided to go there instead of in the evening. I consider myself very lucky to be in such a beautiful bridge that I've ever seen. ;)
Day 2, I moved to Cesky Krumlov which is a UNESCO heritage city. I can say that it's a tiny lovely village cuz' all the town has details, it's like villages in cartoons. ^^