Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The thing I love when I was young, and 'till now.

Hehe ~~ It's been a while that I haven't update my blog and finally today I'm gonna do it. ^^
 I spend my everyday life with my hobbies and this is my fav hobby!! It's painting!! LOL
It's so long long time that I had never drawing and painting, and I think that it was a good chance to do it.
And I couldn't figure out what I was gonna draw. I just glanced at the room door and I found my little cross body  bag that hanging on the doorknob.  So it's gonna be my figure today. LOL
By the way, I just didn't get used to it 'cuz such a long time no draw&paint, so the result was like awkward for me -*- I think the colour are not natural and my work is like kids do. LOL
I hope the next is gonna be better!!! 

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