Tuesday, 19 June 2012


These all are my everyday dishes lately : ) 
I have been having a dish of salad since I have found a very delicious salad dressing that my mom's friend suggested to, really yummmm!! ; ) Plus, salad dressing goes together very well with an organic vegetable. As you can tell that this dish is so healthy!! 

Another spaghetti dish from my mom : ) ymmm... 
 The most favourite milk chocolate bar of mine. 
 It's a new flavour from Dutchy Yogurt >> Yogurt with Prune!! it's also my favourite : ) 
 We meet up and cheer our fav football teams up together every night in Euro 2012.
I'm sorry, I'm eating you, you're so delicious tho. LOL

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  1. Yum ! Your foods look delicious !!