Monday, 5 May 2014

Stunning Austria.

  I'd never thought that Austria would be one of my first trip to Europe. I thought that is just the place that I should have gone before I died. hahaha Anyway, I had spent time for like 2 more months for planing my itinerary, I think it's not a long time tho. I wanted to go a lot of places, so I dedicated my after school time to it. Also I delicately read a bunch of guidebooks ( in Waterstones ;) special thanks to it- my big supporter.) 'cus I would like to make everything perfect for my first trip in Europe. And finally everything has done and there are few places that I wanted to visit in Europe which is Czech Republic ( I went to Prague and Czesky Krumlov) and Austria ( Hallstat, Salzbugh, and Wien.) And yeah!! my journey has started in the beginning of October 2013, and I got my fav friend joying me  this trip. Ummm.... Can you imagine how wonderful for the trip? With perfect places, perfect time, and importantly perfect mate with you. Yeah!! I just cannot describe it into each word but it was just one of the amazing time in my life. Thanks for everything and every people who make it happen!! Sincerely,.
Hallstatt is the first place that I visited in Austria. I moved from Czesky Krumlov by car with my friend and we had shared a car with a talkative Korean couple. They are a new married couple and this was their Honeymoon trip. So our car has 5 ppl includes a driver, it took around two or three hours to Hallstatt I believe.  Later then, we arrived Hallstatt, and my first sight on there was overwhelmingly stunning, it's totally picturesque. I couldn't believe that is the real thing, just really really really amazing!! I felt a bit sad that a camera cannot take perfect photos for this place 'cus its beauty is keeping for only people who visit there. ( and I was one of them!! kkk)

                         Salzburg is the second destination of us. We took a train from Hallstatt to here, it takes for 1-2 hours. Along both sides of the railway there were lakes and mountains continuously. Specially for houses, they're so so cute, cozy, simple, and warmhearted feeling inside.
Since arriving Salzburg we're heading to our accommodation and then straight to the city center. We took a tram which quite new if compare with Wien's trams. But unfortunately rain has come and it was so heavy, unluckily I did not prepare an umbrella, it's not a big problem though. It just made me take fewer picture here.

Vienna did not touch my heart, it's my love at first sight like lots of people said. I didn't know the reason why I wasn't interested in Wien at all, but it might be because I've been to like countrysides and suddenly to the city. I think it's like culture shock i would say. hahaha But yeah!! it's impressed me after I left there.

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