Thursday, 1 March 2012

Awesome random things at Chiang Mai

I'm so apology for too many parts of Chiang Mai pictures, and I promise this part is gonna be the last part indeed. ^^ This part I display some different moods of pictures. So I had visited a coffee shop that almost famous in Chiang Mai "Riztretto". (sry I can't spell it -*-)  There's too many kinds of coffee bean you can choose. But I'm not a coffee person, so I ordered a glass of Chocolate Frappe and it's quite good taste. ^^ And a dish of waffle was different from others, it was crispy and smell really good.

I'm not pretty sure that they are real or artificial ones, but theirs pale colors attract me so much!! CUTE!! ^^

A popular bekery shop at Chiang Mai "Mon Nom Sod".

"A-ROI-MAK" = So yummy!! (Thai sausage)

I got a ton of diary book here. I do fall in love with a floral print and another sweet color. There's so many hand-made book shops here, and I will recommend you this shop "ByDisign". 

A super chic ice-cream restaurant at Chiang Mai "iberry".

I found this quote at it was a speech of his majesty king bhumibol adulyadej (the King of Thailand). This speech does encourage me so much, it means "Don't give up, if you can't done a thing today, you will have to do it again and again, evenly today, tomorrow, next week, next month..."


  1. just pass by and get attracted to the beautiful pictures :)