Sunday, 11 March 2012

A couple days ago.

I just went back my home on Thursday, it's been a while that I haven't been here. ^^ As you all know, home is the best place <3 that can make you get better when you feel tired or lose of encouragement. Anyway, this time I got home, I found a bow tie of my dad which he wore in his wedding with my mom. <3 LOL It's  older than me for 2 years, still look good tho. 

My mom made all these cakes!! ymmmmmmm!!

This is gonna be a little haul from my beloved sis&bro.
I got a pen which my beloved sis&bro bought me for my graduate present. I love it and gonna use it <3

Yesterday, during waiting my friends to go to the party, I just grabbed a LYRA pencil and a nice sketch book. 'Cuz I need to jot down or sketch everything that come up in my head immidiately. So I would like a handy sketch book and a bunch of high quality pencil to make perfect works!! ;)) 

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