Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What a long day!!

First of all, today is my mom's birthday and I do apologize that I forgot her birthday. (actually I forgot the day of today ;)) kekeke) So, "Happy Birthday to you my best mom <3, I do love you so so much. Wish you have a good health and happy so much. I will be a good girl (like I always be ;))) You are a precious thing to me ever!! I LOVE YOU" Anyway, today is also a long long day for me and my friends, 'cuz we have to present an individual final project to teacher (we spent such a whole day to do this), so so tired!! =0=  but it's not my turn yet!! I'm going to prepare and do my best, promise. LOL 

Plus, yesterday I had read a book that so inspired about "Paris", yeahhh!! it became my wishlist to go. France is a popular destination for many people, and I am the one of those who really wanna be there at least once.

I found them in the magazine, and their interviews were really wise.
They have really good attitude for themselves and this world.
I guess that they are one of the famous twin in the world "Jayeesley". Love'em <3

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