Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unnamed topic!!


This picture post is such a dull color and some of pictures I took them with noise mode. It looks diferent and I love it!! Anyway, today was such a long and hard day, I have to done my homework for tmr turning. While I was doing my work, I got to know a really bad news of my yuchun' father that passed away in this morning, tho he's on plane getting back to Korea and he didn't know a news yet. When the plane landed and he went out, so mamy people outside an airport waiting him for get an interview about the news. I saw his tears dropped under his sunglasses. I can't even explain about my feeling at that time, it's like something hurt my head and I can't do anything for a while. I knew this kind of situation was like it's not my business or something. I didn't need to cry for or sorry for him, but I just can't. I knew he's just my idol, nothing of his is related on me. but I just feel really sorry about that!! I'm truly sorry TT__TT  Please keep being strong, I'll be by your side forever @6002themicky 
- Lots of Love & R.I.P. Yuchun's father - 

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